Dr. Caner Bakır

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Koç University Istanbul


Dr. Bakır participates in the following events:

  1. 2017. "Structure, Institution and Agency-based (SIA) View of Causal Processes and their Effects: The Case of Financial Stability". The Governance Design Network (GDN) Workshop III on Understanding Policy Mechanisms: Lessons for Policy Managers and Designers, National University of Singapore, 13-14 February. (forthcoming)

  2. 2016. "Turkish Multinationals in the World: Recent Trends, Motivations and Strategies," Bilkent University, November 18.

  3. 2016. "Structural Complementarities and Turkish Multinationals’ Internationalisation: Implications for International Business Theory", Turkish Political Economy Society, 2nd International Conference, Istanbul, December 9.

  4. 2016. "State’s Policy Capacity in Action: A Comparison of Czech, Turkish and Australian Experiences" IPSA Poznan. 24-27 July.


Dr. Caner Bakır
E-Mail: cbakir@ku.edu.tr
Tel: (+90 212) 338 16 74
Fax: (+90 212) 338 16 42