Koc University Graduate:

    • Policy Design and Implementation (MPP)
    • International Business (Executive MBA lecture, EMBA)
    • International Political Economy
    • EMBA Independent Study, (4 credit)


  • Global Political Economy  (INTL 313)
  • Political Economy of Turkey (ECON 481 / INTL 410)/Turkish Economy (ECON 481 / INTL 410)
  • Power, Interests, Institutions & Ideas in Politics (INTL 355)
  • Globalization, State and Multinational Corporations (MGMT/INTL 480)

Monash University: Gradute:

    • Co-lecturer for Finance and Banking Relations


  • Co-lecturer and Tutor for Money and Capital Markets
  • Tutor for Commercial Banking and Finance

Research & Supervisory Interests

Currently, I am interested in learning more about:

  • Comparative and international political economy
  • Monetary and fiscal governance
  • State’s transformative capacity
  • Regulatory state
  • States and governance
  • Global governance in financial regulation/supervision
  • Financial regulatory governance
  • Politics of global finance
  • Public policy and financial globalization
  • Transparency and accountability in a comparative perspective
  • Transnational banking
  • The politics of FDI
  • Turkish Multinational Corporations
  • ‘Triangular diplomacy’ in developing countries
  • Bargaining between MNEs and host governments
  • Australian and Turkish banking sector
  • Political economy of Australian and Canadian mega bank merger policies
  • Government-business relations
  • Transnational policy networks in finance
  • Policy mediation between national and transnational financial policy communities
  • Policy change process in financial services industry
  • Micro-credit in Turkey

I would be pleased to supervise postgraduate and honors students wishing to work in any of these areas.